Each of us at Gallerie Jewelers has been in the jewelry business for over 20 years, and while each of us has our own specialties, we will work together as a team to help you with your particular something. We are old school jewelers, which means that we do more than sell jewelry. Have you ever been to a jewelry store and realize that the salesperson would be just as happy selling shoes or blenders? And that their product knowledge was about as deep as, well you know... Our knowledge of everything gems and jewelry is both wide and deep. If you have a question and we don't know the answer, we will find it and actually love the challenge!

Ted Shaughnessy
Ted Shaughnessy is an American Gem Society, Registered Jeweler. Ted's specialty is romancing the stone. His enthusiasm for his gemstones is boundless and his ability to match a gem with a setting is particularly well honed. Ted is excellent at helping you interpret your ideas into custom creations.

Corey Shaughnessy
Corey Shaughnessy is an American Gem Society, Certified Gemologist Appraiser. Corey's specialty is gemology, the study of unique characteristics that individual gemstones contain. Her specialty is the ability to differentiate the slight nuances that make some stones into gems that stand out from the crowd.
Members of the American Gem Society
In 1999, Gallerie Jewelers was awarded membership in the American Gem Society (AGS). 

The American Gem Society is the country's preeminent jewelry trade organization dedicated to consumer protection.  Since 1934, the American Gem Society has been making it easier and safer to buy jewelry of any kind.  Only one out of 20 jewelers opts to meet the qualifications for an AGS membership, and that doesn't guarantee entry. Each jeweler needs references from professionals in the industry and must be approved by a panel of peers. By our last count, there were only 26 independent AGS retail jeweler members in the state of Texas.  AGS holds its member jewelers to the highest of standards and requires annual re-certification. AGS provides the consumer with professional and trustworthy retail jewelers that are separated from their competition as true and trusted gemologically-trained experts.
Bart, Brina, and Liesl...
There are currently three other special members of the Gallerie Jewelers staff. As is quintessentially Austin, we love being able to bring our dogs to work with us and they love it too!  The dogs are thrilled to greet our clients and many folks come in just to see them. We are happy to clean and inspect your jewelry while you're spending time with them. Brina (left) is our retired Champion, she only needed 17 days to complete what takes other dogs months if not years to accomplish!  Bart is... Bart! (above) He defies explanation, come in and you'll see what we mean. Liesl ( below) is our newest staff member and also Bart's niece. She just turned a year old and, like her cousin Brina, is working on becoming a Champion as she's already won Best of Breed... twice!