When we purchase jewelry for our store, we look for things that will stand the test of time. We stay away from the ultra-trendy. Instead we look for items that you will be proud to wear from the day you purchase it until well into the future. we don't want your grandchildren to wonder what you were thinking when you bought that! We want them to treasure your jewelry as much as you do. Styles come and go, then come and go again, but quality and good design is eternal.
Gems of all kinds and colors are our passion. We routinely buy unique, individual gems from dealers and stone cutters from all parts of the world. Tsavorite, Tanzanite, Zambian Emerald and Tunduru Sapphire from Africa...Precious Topaz, Aquamarine, Chrome Tourmaline and Colombian Emerald from South America...Rubies from Burma (Myanmar)...Sapphires from Ceylon (Sri Lanka)...and the list goes on and on...
We also pride ourselves on an extensive collection of fine, hand-crafted platinumand gold bridal jewelry. These pieces feature intricate hand engraving and beautiful finishing using old world craftsmanship and techniques.We also specialize in custom orders!
We have estate jewelry from many periods...Victorian, Edwardian, Art Nouveau, Art Deco, Retro, even... LAST WEEK! Estate jewelry means "previously owned" and can encompass pieces from any era. Sometimes we are lucky enough to know the history of certain pieces and can pass it along!

PEARLS, PEARLS, PEARLS... We carry them all! We have cultured, saltwater Japanese Akoya pearls, cultured, freshwater  Chinese pearls and the Queen of Gems- the cultured South Sea Pearl, as well as the exotic natural black, cultured pearls from the Tahitian Islands. Come in to find out what a Pinctada Margaritifera is...
We strive to make diamond shopping a happy experience. So often now the natural and unique beauty of a diamond is compromised by its having been made into a commodity.
We will explain how a diamond's unique characteristics relate to its rarity and price.
At Gallerie Jewelers, our gifted artisans enable us to showcase the most creative and unusual pieces to fit your any desires! We have several very talented designers right here in Austin as well. No matter what your design needs, we have the talent to bring it to life. Below are among the many custom designs that help us fill our collection.