At Gallerie JewelersWe pride ourselves in giving Austinites our best, and we proudly offer the following services:

Jewelry Repair
Jewelry repair requires extreme expertise. Even the most mundane sounding repair requires a lot of skill. We can do it all...from the simple repair of a broken chain or the re-sizing of a ring all the way up to refurbishing or recreating your great grandmoterh's worn-ut engagement ring. Many, many times we have been able to do what other can or will not. If you have been told that it can't be done, call us and we might be able to help.

Consignment Services 
If you own jewelry that you do not wear, maybe you have inherited it, or it's just not your style, let us sell it for you! We can help your old jewelry find a happy home and maybe help you find just the right piece to take its place.

Remount and Custom Design
We always have an assortment of styles that are ready to accept your loose gemstones and we can also help you design a completely custom, one-of-a-kind piece. We employ a highly-skilled, local artist that excels in creating unique hand-carved wax models from which we create our custom designs. This is an old-school method that is rapidly being replaced by computer-assisted designs. We like it old school!

We can engrave a simple name or date on almost any jewelry item. But if you want, we can also have our Master Engraver create a unique work of art for you. He can engrave the most complex of designs to embellish your special piece. Left to his own devices, or with little guidance, he can thoroughly transform an item. He can even copy a special pattern onto your piece.

Pearl and Bead Stringing
We employ a Master Pearl Specialist that can restring your pearl necklaces. Pearl strands are traditionally strung on silk that is then knotted between each pearl. Over time, the silk will stretch or deteriorate and sometimes break. Feel free to bring in your strand so we can help you determine if restringing is necessary. With each restringing, your pearls will be thoroughly cleaned and reconditioned.

An accurate jewelry appraisal, executed by an American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser, can be among your most important documents. An appraisal can be needed for many purposes. The most common being insurance coverage for your valuable jewelry, but can also be needed for estate tax valuation, value comparison, dissolution of marriage, collateral and liquidation.

The American Gem Society (AGS) certified jewelry appraiser, the Certified Gemologist Appraisers (CGA), is the best in the business. Each one appraiser has been put through their paces and have met or exceeded the AGS's stringent appraisal guidelines. At our last count, there were only 14 of them in Texas and we have the only one, Corey Shaughnessy, in the city of Austin and surrounding areas. By choosing an AGS-certified Appraiser, you can rest assured that you're working with a professional who has been trained and certified. CGA's won't just pull a number out of their hat and call it a day. They'll take the time to thoroughly inspect your jewelry and get you a number that's as accurate as possible.

Please call us to schedule your appraisal. Most often a basic insurance appraisal for one to three pieces of jewelry can be completed in one or two days. A large number of items or a more specialized report will likely take longer to complete. Our fees are based solely on the amount of time our appraiser spends examining and evaluating your jewelry. While your jewelry is in our care, it will be covered by our insurance company for an amount agreed to in writing when you drop it off. Your pieces will be locked securely in our vault when they are not being examined and will be thoroughly cleaned and inspected for any needed maintenance while in our care.

Leaving your jewelry with someone overnight or even a few hours may be disconcerting. We've all heard from someone a tale about switched diamonds. And while these tales are generally of urban legend, we understand your reticence. We are happy to show you your diamond or gemstone under one of our microscopes and point out its unique set of identifying characteristics so you will always recognize your stone. If you would like, we can also plot the characteristic inclusions of your gem on a diagram that will serve as a unique fingerprint for future recognition.

Proven Expertise
in Gemological Identification & Evaluation
An accurate gemological identification and evaluation of your jewelery is the reason you turn to an appraiser. When you work with an American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraiser, you are dealing with a professional jeweler possessing the highest credentials. 

The Certified Gemologist Appraiser has passed a comprehensive examination, including an actual appraisal containing a variety of gemstones and gem materials. Passing the appraisal test requires accurate gemological identification and grading. Precise descriptions of the jewelry, formal documentation and accuracy of value conclusions are required through an appraisal report. This appraisal is necessary to meet the professional appraisal standards of the American Gem Society.

Another necessity is continuing education in the field of appraisals. To retain one's title and membership, the American Gem Society requires that a recertification exam be passed each year to prove continued proficiency and familiarity with new developments in the industry.

Professional Appraisals 
to Meet Your Needs
Whether used for insurance purposes, banks, governmental agencies, or the courts, an appraisal or report must meet certain requirements and contain the pertinent information.

Specific equipment is also needed to perform an accurate gem or metal identification. For this reason, an on-site American Gem Society Accredited Gem Laboratory is required of all American Gem Society Certified Gemologist Appraisers.